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Please view the Settlers of the Long Point Settlement post and the footer, Loyalists of the Long Point Settlement, to check to see if your ancestor was in Norfolk County around 1812.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Monday, 16 January 2012

I have received a number of emails from interested parties. If you have any questions about, what some have called a festival, please comment on the blog or post on Facebook. I'll answer your questions on a post on both sites.
Thank-you to all those interested! I am excited that we will have many families represented. As well, I am working through Ancestry to contact descendants far and wide. If you know someone interested, please point them to the blog.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Registration Information

Wow! This week has been great. I just started to blog and have a lot of likes via Facebook, I thought I would upload the 2012 information poster and the Registration Form. They are located at the top of the left navigation bar under "Links of Interest".
If you would like to register, fill out the form and send it my way. The registration fee ($2 per individual; $5 per family) covers the pavilion and site rental at Backus HCA. Because it is a conservation area, campsite, and pioneer village, there is a per vehicle charge at the gate. Parking is included.
So, if you are excited to talk genealogy with fellow researchers, find family connections, and meet new cousins, register today!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

My First Challenge

Dear Readers,
Today, I issue a challenge to all to prove how they are related to the settlers and Loyalists of the Long Point Settlement (Norfolk County). So, to kick off all the fun, here are my three connections:

Ancestor #1: Rev. Jabez Collver (1731-1818) m. Anna Smith (1740-1813
                             John Collver (1768-1834) m. Miriam Culver* (1772-1852)
                               Hiram E. Collver (1814-1897) m. Sarah Ann Stokes (1821-1889)
                                 Amanda Moneral Collver (1864-1937) m. Albert Deming (1861-1927)
                                   Orpha Dott Deming (1896-1939) m. Wm. Francis Shelly (1892-1975)
                                     Harry Walter Shelly (1924-1997) m. Lucinda Ada Smith (1926-)
                                       Richard Alan Shelly (1951-2006) m. Stella Ruth Dedrick (1952-)
     * Miriam Culver was the daughter of Loyalist Timothy Culver (1734-?) and one of four couples in the 
          Collver/Culver Double Quartet.

Ancestor #2: Lucas Dedrick (1760-1808) m. Lucretia Parsons (1770-?)
                             James Dedrick (1795-1851) m. Elizabeth Edwards (1798-1886)
                               Thomas Henry Dedrick (1830-1912) m. Rachel Ann Pearson (1839-1922)
                                 Ernest Elgin Dedrick (1881-1962) m. Clara Isobel Cope (1884-1970)
                                   Lawrence Pearson Dedrick (1922-) m. Grace Stella Mudford (1925-)
                                     Stella Ruth Dedrick (1952-) m. Richard Alan Shelly (1951-2006)

Ancestor #3:  William Cope (1757-1813) m. Frances Sands (1757-1847)
                              Thomas Cope, Sr. (1835-1913) m. Catherine Manuel (1794-1889)
                                Thomas Cope, Jr. (1862-1946) m. Alfredda Amelia Cline (1861-1941)
                                  Clara Isobel Cope (1884-1970) m. Elgin Ernest Dedrick (1881-1962)
                                    *** See Ancestor #2 ***

Well, those are my first 3 ancestors. I have a few more (Anthony Manuel, Simon Mabee, etc.) but thought I would keep it to Loyalists this time. So here is the challenge:
Post your ancestry proof by emailing me at:

Good luck all! If you are a family member of mine and need to see how you are related to Long Point settlers and Loyalists, email me.         

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Settlers of the Long Point Settlement

Here is the addendum to the Loyalists In the Long Point Settlement that is found at the foot of the blog. Please note that this is organized, SURNAME, Given Name(s):

Charlotteville Township: ANDREWS, Allen; Andrews, Joseph; Andrus, Joseph; BAKER, Christian; BAKER, Jonathan; BAKER, Jesse; BAKER, Samuel; BARTOW, Stephen; BAYAR, Jacob; BEEMER, Philip; BLANEY, James; BLAYNEY, James; BOWEN, Wm. Daniel ;BROWN, Samuel; CHURCHILL, Levi; COLLARD, Edward; COLT, Isaac; COWPERTHWAITE, David; CRAM, Robert; CROMWELL, Josiah; CRONK, Tunis; CULVER, Joseph; DEASE, Richard Wm.; DOXSIE, John; DRAKE, William; FAIRCHILD, Noah; FINNIMORE, Richard; FREEMAN, Daniel; GOODHUE, Ebenezer; GUSTIN, John; HENDERSON, Robert; HILTON, William; HOLLOWOOD, Thomas; JACKSON, John; JEWELL, Ezekiel; JOHNSON, Larrance; KITCHEN, Joseph; LANNING, Richard; LAWRENCE, William; LODOR, Job; MABEE, Frederick; MANUEL, Anthony; McCALL, Donald; SECORD, James; McCLISH, Andrew; McCLOUD, Robert; McCRACKEN, Robert; McDONALD, Hiram; McDONELL, Hiram; MERRILL, William; MILLARD, Dan; MILLER, Joseph; MITCHELL, James; MONRO, James; MONRO, John; MONRO, Robert; MONTROSS, Peter; MOOR, Enoch; MOORE, Enoch; MOORE, Jedediah; MORRISON, Jacob; NEAL, George; NEILL, George; OAKES, Benjamin; OAKES, Christopher; OAKES, James; OUTHOUSE, Nicholas; OWEN, Epenetus; PACE, Michael; PALMERTON, Benjamin; PERLEY, Israel; RICE, Maiden; ROLPH, Thomas; RUSSELL, James; SECORD, Peter; SHEARER, Robert; SILVERTHORN, George; SMITH, Abraham; SMITH, Othniel; SPITLER, Joseph; SPRAGUE, Jonathan; SPURGIN, William; STACY, John; STONE, John; TAYLOR, Abraham; TEEPLE, Peter; TISDALE, Ephraim; WADE, Nathan; WALSH, Thomas; WEEKS, Amos; WOOD, Jacob.

Townsend Township: AVERILL, Paul; BARBER, Samuel; BEAL, Barzillai; BRAY, John; CAMFIELD, Ira; CHAMBERS, Joseph; CLOUSE, Leonard; CORLIS, James; CUNNINGHAM, Geo.; DAVIS, John; DAVIS, Thomas; DENNIS, Joseph; DISBROW, Rowland; EARLE, John; FISHER, Samuel; FOWLER, Joseph; GREEN, Benjamin; GREEN, Job Lodor; GREEN, John; GREEN, Reuben; GILBERT, Josiah; GLOVER, Jacob; HAVILAND, John; HEATH, John; JOHNSON, John; KITCHEN, Joseph; KITCHEN, Richard; LANE, Cornelius W.; LEFLER, David; LEFLER, Peter; LODOR, Job; MANWELL, Amos; MASECAR, Abraham; MASECAR, John; MASECAR, Matthias; MATTHEWS, Abner; McALISTER, Samuel; McCOOL, Joseph; McCOOL, William; McMICHAEL, James; MERRITT, Isaac; MILLARD, Noah; MUCKLE, John; MUDGE, Elijah; NELLES, Abraham; NUNAMKER, Jacob; NUNN, Benjamin; OMSTEAD, Gideon; OSTRANDER, Andrew; PARNEY, Ezra; PERRY, Barnabus; RICE, Jesse; ROBINSON, Cuthbert; ROBINSON, William; ROOF, Jacob; ROOT, Nathaniel; ROUSE, Oliver C.; SAYLES, Mordecai; SCOVELL, Champion; SERLES, Moses; SHAW, Michael; SHOAFF, Michael; SLAGHT, Job; SLAGHT, John; SLAGHT, Richard; SLAWSON, Bowers; SOPER, Gilbert; SOVEREEN, Frederick; STYLES, Selah; TAGGARD, Alexander; WALKER, John; WALKER, William; WEIRS, William; WHITING, Isaac; WILLCOX, Benjamin; WILCOX, Benjamin; WILLSON, Andrew; WILLSON, Jacob; WILLSON, Joseph; WOODLEY, George; YOUNGS, Benjamin.

(North & South) Walsingham Township: BACKHOUSE, John; BACKHOUSE, William; BACKHOUSE, John Jr.; BARRETT, Marks; BAMWART, Henry; BRANDOW, Abraham; CARTWRIGHT, John; DEWITT, James; DUSTEN, Paul; ELLIS, Cornwall; FICK, Peter; FORYEA, John; FRANKLIN, John; FROST, Edmund; GILASPY, William; HUTCHISON, William; KERN, John; KILLMASTER, John; KNIGHT, Charles; LAYMAN, Tobias; McMICHAEL, Edward; MISENER, John; MURPHY, Charles; MURPHY, Timothy; NEWKIRK, Peter; OVERBAUGH, Hezekiah; PRICE, Stephen; PRICE, Thomas; PROCUNIER, Peter; ROCKEFELLER, Diehl; ROHRER, Christian; SHOEMAKER, Nicholas; SMITH, Henry; SMITH, William; TROYER, John; WEST, John; WHITE, Dedrick; WOOLVEN, Jeremiah.

Windham Township: AXFORD, Jonathan; DELL, William; DERRICKSON, James; GRIFFIN, Nathaniel; HUNTER, David; HYDE, Sherman; JOHNSON, Jeremiah; MILLER, John; MUMA, Chirstian; PETTIT, Isaac; PETTIT, Jonathan; SMITH, Hart; SMITH, John; WIDENER, John; WIDNER, John.

Woodhouse Township: ATKINSON, William; AXFORD, Abraham; BACON, Benjamin; BACON, John; BACON, Nathaniel; BEAUPRE, Francis C.; BECKER, John; BUCHNER, Jacob; CLARK, William; CONKLIN, James; CONRADT, John; COOLEY, Gideon; CROSBY, Eliakim; CULVER, William; DECOW, Abner; DOAN, Elijah; DOUGLASS, Levi; DUGGAN, Cornelius; DUTCHER, John; FREEMAN, Daniel; GRAHAM, James; HAMILTON, Thomas; HARRIS, John; HAZEN, Daniel; HOLMES, Asa; HORNING, Aaron; LANDON, Zebulon; LEMON, Joseph; LOGAN, Alexander; LONG, Patrick; MABEE, Silas; MALCOLM, Finlay; MANDEVILLE, David; MANN, Nathan; MARR, David; MARR, Lawrence; MATTHEWS, James; McALISTER, Samuel; McQUEEN, Alexander; MEAD, Richard; MEDCALF, Henry; MISNER, John; NICHOL, Robert; O’BRYAN, Roger; PARK, William; PEGG, John; PHILLIPS, John; POTTS, Jacob; POWELL, Abraham; PREFFER, Jacob; RAPELJE, Abraham A.; RAYMOND, William; RISCH, John Philip; RYERSE, Samuel; RYERSON, Joseph; SALMON, George; SELLS, Abraham; SHELER, Jacob; SIDWAY, Jonathan; SPITLER, Joseph; STEAD, Thomas; STEEL, Matthias; STEINHOFF, John; TALLMAN, Samuel; TENBROECK, John; THOMPSON, Samuel; VAIL, Isaac; VAN ALLEN, Henry; VANDERBURGH, Richard; WALKER, Henry; WALKER, Joseph; WATTLES, James; WHITE, Nathaniel; WILLIAMS, Jonathan; WILLIAMS, Wynant; WILSON, McFarland; WOOD, Israel; WOOLLEY, Joseph.

Again, if your ancestor is found in the list, please make plans to join us on Saturday, July 28, 2012 near Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Welcome One & All!

I would like to welcome you to one of the virtual media sites for the Founding Families Fair & Picnic. The event will be held at the Backus Heritage Conservation Area, Saturday, July 28th, 2012. If you would like to know more about the event, stay tuned!
For those that think they would be interested in joining us for a day of genealogy discussion and networking, check to make sure your ancestor's name is at the bottom of this blog*.

* Currently, I only have the Loyalists' Directory completed. There are a great number more names who were settlers of the region.