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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Exciting News and Happenings!

What a month! I have kind of backed off on working on the picnic and genealogy fair - end-of-year stuff for teaching. I did make it to the Grand River Branch UELAC meeting last Saturday. They will be there with bells on (i.e., 'lots of  visitors and they will have a kiosk set up). I'm really happy the branch and members will be attending. Thank you, all!
I got a phone call this morning from my cousin, Wanda Backus-Kelly. She said my hometown, Port Rowan, was a-buzz with anticipation. The Port Rowan Good News ran a human interest story on the event and she was getting numerous calls. Great news EXCEPT that some were asking how to get a registration form. I tried the link to the left (under Contact Us!) and it works fine from various locations. I'm not sure why people are having difficulty - can someone let me know?
As well, I included my phone number and Wanda's contact information to halp alleviate concerns. Don't worry - you can register the day of the event as well!