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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Looking for Osterhout-Brandow-Mabee-Manuel Descendants

Brenda Scott sent the following on January 22, 2012:

"Here is an outline of my mother side of my tree.  Guess what I am asking is, does this qualify for attendance and do you have any info that might help me in my research.
My mother was Ruby Pauline Osterhout, Her father was Chancey Osterhout born to Thomas Osterhout born to Samuel Osterhout who married Leah Brandow the daugher of Henry Brandow who was married to Elizabeth Manuel whose father was Anthony Manuel who married Margaret Mabie.
Looking for any info on these families.  Also, looking for help in seeing if any of my relatives were UEL's.Looking forward to hearing from you. Also, is there any connection here to your family tree?"

Well, Brenda, here are Robert Mutrie's writing on them:
"Brandow, Abraham (1775-) and his wife Grietje Becker lived at Westcamp, Ulster County, New York then settled in Walsingham Township about 1805.  Includes Abraham’s parents, grandparents and five generations of his descendants in Norfolk County and elsewhere."
"Mabee, Frederick* (c. 1740- c. 1794) and his wife Levinah Pelham lived in Rombout Precinct, Dutchess County, New York during colonial times. During the American Revolution, Frederick joined the British forces and after the war took his family in the 1783 exodus from New York to New Brunswick. In 1793, the family came to Upper Canada and settled at Turkey Point in Charlotteville Township. Includes Frederick’s parental family and six generations of descendants in Norfolk and elsewhere . The full biography of Frederick and Levinah Mabee was included in The Long Point Settlers Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2."
"Mabee, Silas* (1758), a brother of Frederick Mabee; grew up in Dutchess County, New York and joined Delancey’s Corps during the American Revolution. He went in the 1783 exodus from New York to Nova Scotia and a year later settled in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Silas and his wife Phoebe LaPeca brought their family to Port Dover, Woodhouse Township in 1808. His sons settled in Middleton Township. Includes five generations of descendants. William Mabee, a nephew of Frederick and Silas lived at Belisle Bay, New Brunswick the in 1837 came with his wife Mary Downey to Walsingham Township and later settled in Windham Township. Includes children and grandchildren."
* Mabee Family Ancestry. A 219 page soft-covered book includes the colonial ancestors and cousins of Frederick Mabee and Simon Mabee by R. Robert Mutrie, 6000 New York Ancestors: A Compendium of Mabee Research. $21.
"Manuel, Anthony (c. 1745-1816) emigrated from Portugal to New York and married widow Margaret (Mabee) Griffin during the American Revolution. After the war, the couple settled in New Brunswick then in 1808 came to Charlotteville Township with their daughters who are continued in other Norfolk genealogies. Their son Anthony Jr. continued in New Brunswick and four generations of his descendants are included. One son of Anthony Jr., Frederick Manuel, settled in Windham Township."

She asks if I am related to her ancestors. Funny enough, No-Yes-Yes-Yes! For a complete view of my pedigree, I have an family tree that is not necessarily public but one may request to view it. I think I will make a basic pedigree tree to illustrate my connections to many of the Long Point settlers.

Descendance from Benjamin Beecraft to Howard Ray Lawrence

Robert Mutrie writes, "Bigcraft, Benjamin (c. 1758-) and his wife Elizabeth Westbrook lived in colonial New York. During the American Revolution, Benjamin came to Niagara and served in the Indian Department. He subsequently settled in Ancaster Township, Wentworth County. Their son James Bigcraft/Beecraft (1794-1853) lived in Oakland Township, Brant County, then in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County. Includes two to three generations of descendants from James."

Here is Howard's second instance:
1 BENJAMIN Beacraft Beecraft b. 1762 d. 1800
   m. c.1786 ELIZABETH WESTBROOK b. 16Oct1768
        2 SARAH BECHRAFT BEACROFT Beecraft b. 1779 d. 07May1843
           m. 1783 or 1775 George Lawrence, Sr. b. 26Mar1757 d. 05Aug1848
                3 William E(dward?) Lawrence b. May1781 d. 09Sep1864
                   m. 01Apr1804 Mary Ann Cudney b. 1787 d. 1820
                   m. Mary Mitchell
                        4 William Francis Lawrence b. 18Jul1819 d. 18Mar1898
                           m. Elizabeth Ann (Langestraat) Longstreet b. 1823
                                5 Sylvester Lawrence b. 10 MAR1855 d. 21AUG1932
                                   m. 29MAR1893 Araminta Palmer b. 05Mar1871 d. 15Jan1950
                                   m. 21AUG1896 Elizabeth Leotta Whittington b. 29JUN1862 d. 15MAR1935
                                   m. 05 January1887 Rebecca Catharine (Katie) Beam b. 9Oct1860 d. 12Jul1888
                                        6 Ray Palmer Lawrence b. 26Mar1894 d. 25Feb1981
                                           m. 28Jun1930 Ina Mabel Sharp b. 06Feb1895 d. 25Feb1975
                                                7 Howard Ray Lawrence b. 21 MARCH 1936
                                                   m. 14Aug1970 Katharine Marie Mulvany b. 06Mar1938 d. 25Jun2002

Descendance from Benjamin Fairchild, Sr. to Howard Ray Lawrence

The very first pedigree submitted by Howard R. LAWRENCE 12 Jan 2012:
 Robert Mutrie states that:
"Fairchild, Benjamin (1721-1794/5) and his wife Melissa Hall lived in "The Oblong," Dutchess County, New York during colonial times then moved upstate to the Queensbury Patent north of Albany. During the American Revolution, Benjamin joined the British forces at Fort Edward. Prior to 1792, his sons Benjamin and Isaac came to Upper Canada and were joined by the rest of the family in that year. Family members, including Rev. Peter Fairchild, settled in Townsend Township. Includes ancestors and four to five generations from Benjamin Fairchild Sr. in Norfolk and elsewhere."

1 Benjamin Fairchild, Sr. b. 21Mar1721 d. 18Jun1794
    m. c. 1754 Millicent (Melissa) (Mille) Hall b. 1723 d. AFTER 1804 
         2 Isaac Fairchild b. 01Nov1769 d. 09Jan1859
            m. Lucy Kilbourne b. 24 May 1779 d. 01Feb1859
                 3 Millicent Fairchild b. 19Mar1822 d. 14Apr1885
                    m. 08Apr1846 George Roberts b. 31 Oct 1814; 14 AUG d. 23 Jul 1896
                         4 Matilda "Tillie" Roseltha Roberts b. 10 Dec 1849 d. 12Apr1926
                            m. 23Apr1866 Edward James ("Ted") Claxton b. 05Mar1841 d. 27Apr1927
                                 5 Martha Millicent Claxton b. 13Mar1868 d. 30Oct1901
                                    m. 07Aug1893 Theodore (Frank) Monro(e) Sharp b. 14Jan1868 d. 09Jan1952
                                         6 Ina Mabel Sharp b. 06Feb1895 d. 25Feb1975
                                            m. 28Jun1930 Ray Palmer Lawrence b. 26Mar1894 d. 25Feb1981
                                                 7 Howard Ray Lawrence b. 21 MARCH 1936
                                                    m. 14Aug1970 Katharine Marie Mulvany b. 06Mar1938 d. 25Jun2002