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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Last Minute Details ...

One last post before the big day.  The Weather Network is calling for a 60% chance of thunder storms Saturday. Don't fret - there is a back up plan if it rains (but it won't - positive thinking). The event will move to a number of dry locales within Backus Heritage Conservation Area if need-be. But we won't need to, right?!

You can now register online! Click here to fill out the form and send it to me. Pay at the gates  and at the registration table on the day of the event.

  1. Entry & Parking - When you drive into Backus HCA, please stop at the gate to pay the discounted entry fee. There, you will be directed to the event site. Follow parking directors as you go. Parking will first, be available to those needing close proximity (i.e., handicapped or aged persons) and first come, first served behind the Heritage Village. 
  2. Registration - There have been a number of early registrants. For all registrants, please find the Registration Tables at the parking entrance to the Heritage Village (Suderman Barn). You will be required to fill out a form that details your pedigree and will receive your family poster then. Remember, $2 for individuals and $5 for a family of up to 4. The cost covers rental fees and production costs such as photocopying, etc.
  3. Stake your Claim - Picnic Table have been set around the Heritage Village for your use. Don't like where they are situated (e.g., not enough shade)? They can be moved to suit your needs.  When you find the perfect spot, post your family poster so others can find you.
  4. Picnic Time! Have your picnic whenever you want. The event is very casual. Remember, Scott Gillies is speaking at the Cherry Valley Schoolhouse at 2:00 pm. Besides that, follow your own schedule.
  5. Information Booths - There are a number of historical societies and family historians in the Forbes Barn. Visit with them at your convenience.
Remember, there is a fire ban in Norfolk County - no barbecuing. Hopefully, we will get rain Thursday and Friday to help farmers out. On your drive, you will notice that we are in the middle of a drought. Orchard crops failed in the Spring (frost) and extreme dry conditions have really taxed field crops. It's been a rough year for farmers.

Well, I guess that's it. Thank you in advance for your participation in the event. There are so many people that have come together to help me on the day of the event. Thank you all!

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