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Saturday, 4 August 2012

It's Not Over Until ...

Last weekend, we had the Founding Families Fair & Picnic. It was covered by the Port Rowan Good News, The Simcoe Reformer, and the Brantford Expositor. It was a good showing - only about 100-120 people despite the rain all morning. Scott Gillies' speech was interesting.
We plan on doing the same thing next year, but with a twist (more to come on that). If you would like to be on the committee for the 2012 Founding Families Fair & Picnic, please email me.
I will not be posting on this blog very much. This year (which starts in September as I am an elementary teacher), I have decided that I need to use a research journal to encompass all of my genealogical wondering. So, I have gotten that organized and plan to post updates and quandaries on my personal blog, Among the Trees of My Ancestors. Scope and focus can be found on the blog.
Until next year, may you cup be filled and your quests be fruitful!

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